The definition of “marriage market” starred in the 1970s.

The definition of “marriage market” starred in the 1970s.

The definition of "marriage market" starred in the 1970s.

This socio-demographic occurrence is complex and multifaceted. One of several very first experts whom started to cope with the issue of development and functioning associated with wedding market had been Harry A. Bekker. He researched this problem through the viewpoint of Economics and explained the faculties for the person's marriage behavior by the feasibility and advantages of marriage. The wedding market thought to be the seek out the most suitable partner by an individual (when it comes to advantages of marriage), taking into consideration market restrictions Bekker, 1974: 300.

In an identical financial context, T. Bergstrom learned the issue of this wedding market. Even though the expression "marriage market" in their interpretation features a nature that is general"marriage market", in the viewpoint may be the area of possible partners — males from the one hand and females in the other, between who a match (i. ag e. wedding) should be founded Bergstrom, 1997: 46), he focused regarding the description for the wedding behavior associated with the person with regards to the costs of locating a partner as well as the advantages of producing a household.

a wide range of foreign magazines are dedicated to the scholarly research of demographic aspects of the wedding market. Goldman, Westoff, and Hammerslough Goldman et al., 1984: 5 considered the sex and age framework of this wedding market. Marriage behavior of Us americans is analyzed, including habits of remarriage.

More recent studies studies that are recentJang, Casterline, Snyder, 2014: 1339 review the habits of life techniques of americans with regards to competition of choice of migration and wedding.

Russian scientists frequently look at the socio-demographic nature for the wedding market. The demographic characteristics of the components of the marriage market, namely the number and sex-age structure of the population, the dynamics of marriage and divorce, and others for example, L. Read more about The definition of “marriage market” starred in the 1970s. ...